PROMT, a new sanctioning body for Monster Truck Racing, was formed in 1999 by BIGFOOT founder Bob Chandler and long-time Monster Truck Racers Eric Meagher, Tim Hall, and Dan Patrick. As a sanctioning body, PROMT is similar to USAC, CART, IRL, NTPA, or NHRA. It is not a promoter; it is not in the business of promoting shows and is not in competition with companies like Special Events, SFX, or others. PROMT supplies the manpower and the specialized timing equipment to run a very professional race. When promoters would like to have a top-notch Monster Truck Race, they should call PROMT.

PROMT was formed because its founders believe that Monster Truck Racing at the highest professional level is very good entertainment and that, with PROMT’s supervision, Monster Trucks and their drivers will eventually be afforded the status of other professional forms of motor sports racing, such as Winston Cup, NHRA, etc.

PROMT has high standards. PROMT believes strongly in the Monster Truck Racing Association (MTRA) and will only use MTRA-certified trucks and Class A drivers at PROMT-sanctioned events. This will ensure that fans have the opportunity to see the best and safest races, equipment, and competition.

Safety and fair competition are very important PROMT. Therefore, all trucks will be inspected and weighted prior to each event, and rules will be justly and uniformly applied to all competitors.

You can see their rules here.