The Mini Monster Competetion is now closed, but if you still wish to send in your drawings of your favourite monster trucks and drivers we will do our best to put them on the site.

Age Group ‘up to 7’ – Ryan Johnson, Age 3 from Kent click here to see drawing
Age Group ‘7 to 11’ – Jayne (Age 11) and Shaun (Age 8) from Norfolk click here to see drawing
Age Group ’11 to 15′ – Maria Snelgrove, Age 14 from Kent click here to see drawing

This page is quite large, please be patient while the Monster Truck Drawings load..

Christopher Humphrey, age 9, from Maidstone, sent in this brilliant picture of The Hulk. Good job mate!

Cole Simon, age 13 and from North Wales has sent to us this detailed drawing of BIGFOOT. Great picture thanks Cole.

Denzel Simon, age 10, from North Wales has sent us not 1 but 2 great drawings of BIGFOOT. Great drawings Denzel, keep up the good work.

Grainne McKernan, age 13 from Ireland sent us this excellent drawing of BIGFOOT after the monster truck racing in Ireland. Great drawing Grainne, thanks.

First Place Age Group ‘7 to 11’ – Jayne Dalbeth, age 11 and Shaun Dalbeth, age 8, from Norfolk have sent in a joint effort. And what a great picture it is. The image below doesn’t show it brilliantly, but they have actually added realistic tyres and car glass to their drawing. All the effort deserves an extra special thanks. back to top of page

Jesse Evison, age 6, from Kent sent in this excellent picture of the Blown Thunder monster truck. Great picture Jesse, thanks.