Monster Mania is the latest professional motorsports sensation to hit the United Kingdom.

Monster Mania is the public front for the European Monster Truck Racing Championship. Make no mistake, this is a professional points series with the drivers gunning for the title; not a show. Monster Mania encompasses the racing, the freestyle, the setting up, and operation of the EMTRC events; and is run by MTR Promotions Ltd.

The Championship

The EMTRC season runs from spring to late summer every year, with events up and down the United Kingdom and across Europe.
An event is run across a weekend, with a points scoring championship round on each day. Races are run head-to-head based on the qualifying times of the trucks over the PRO-MT sanctioned course.
The most common type of course is known as a ‘J-shape course’, and involves the trucks setting off from the start line, over two jumps or obstacles, around a 180 degree hairpin turn. and over a final obstacle and across the finish line. The two lanes are mirror images of each other, with opposite directions in the turn. Timing is done with the light-beam controlled, PRO-MT approved timing equipment that can accurately record time up to five thousandths of a second.

The Trucks

All the trucks that run in the European Monster Truck Racing Championship at Monster mania events must be fully MTRAE (Monster Truck Racing Association Europe) certified; and driven by a MTRAE certified driver. This is to ensure, first and foremost, the safe operation and racing of the monster trucks; and to ensure all trucks adhere to the rules. Any truck can be tech inspected at any time by a qualified MTRAE technical inspector, and a failure results in the withdrawal of that truck and driver from the event. All the drivers have to pass an examination in front of a panel of qualified tech inspectors in order to be allowed to race. Nothing is left to chance with regard to the health and safety aspects of racing.

The Drivers

Every Monster Mania driver holds a MTRAE class A license. This is the highest qualification to drive a monster truck available in the monster trucking world. All drivers are professionals who have proven they know innately how to handle and control a monster truck safely.

A Day at Monster Mania

A day at Monster Mania includes more than just the awesome spectacle and competition of the monster trucks. There are driver introductions, interviews, funfairs, promotion stands and tradestands where you can buy Monster Mania merchandise, to name just some of the side attractions. Not only this, but at every Monster Mania event are freestyle motorcross stunt teams, who perform awesome airbourne stunts. Finally, lest us forget, are the HPI mini monster championships, in which owners of the high powered Savage radio controlled monster truck overcome specially built obstacles – and even the big monster trucks themselves.
However, the main attraction of a day out at Monster Mania are the monster trucks. Each day starts with qualifying, where each truck makes a timed run on the course. Then it is on to the heats, where each truck tackles each other truck head to head to determine their positions in the championship points-paying final round.
Aside the spectacular racing, at the end of the day there is a crowd-pleasing freestyle exhibition, where each driver and truck goes out into the arena and tries to impress the fans the most with speed, huge air and jumps, and a variety of stunts.
All in all, a day at Monster Mania is spectacular!